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16 August 2007 @ 12:08 pm
I is new. Here be my introduction.

LJ user name: jillianetcetera 

Approximate Location: Lexington, South Carolina. Near Columbia. Ain't no one round these parts that likes Harry Potter as I like Harry Potter, don't seem.

Favorite characters: Snape, first and foremost and always. After that, give me Hermione, Viktor, Neville, Peeves, and some villains. Though I tend to prefer the villains with a blander edge to them. Tom Riddle in his adolescent evil glory, Filch in his cranky duties, Percy as the good little bureaucrat. Give me the sinister in the mundane, thanks.

Favorite ships: It varies. I like the strange ones. But I started out a big Snape/Hermione girl, so I'll list that. I look for a good psychological (or perverted!) edge in stories as much as a particular ship. I like to see Luna idly wondering about Snape, I like to see any girl feeling sorry for Neville, I like to see Peeves leering like a lech, I like to see Snape's personal experimentation, I like to see Lucius engage in his worn-out, tiresome aristocratical decadence, I like to see Hermione do a little dirty, dark magic on the side, and I also like to see Hermione looking sideways at Hagrid (hahaha!!). And I really like to see the potential of magic and magical beings in the realms of love and lust.

How do you participate in fandom?: I lurk about and read the occasional story. I ponder writing stories of my own, and sometimes jot little bits downs, but I've not published or completed anything. Potter is frequently discussed in my household. And more frequently thought about in my mind. I used to be more active in keeping up with things in fandom activity. These days I mostly just sit and contemplate in an isolated state. It suits.

Links to your art/meta/fiction/sites: Nothing to give right now. Maybe in the future.

I'd love to see some more SC members come round. I have tried to find fellow Pottergoofs in the local area, but they're scarce, and none have taken too well to me. I hope they're hidden somewhere, just out of sight...

And of course I would love to socialize with non-locals. I am a chronic lurker, but I'm also chronically lonesome, and ought to make more pals, or whatever the kids call them these days. Blah blah, point is, I'm glad to be here. Hey y'all.